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Individual or an entity who wishes to go for loan can opt for Loan Against Property. Loan Against Property as compared to unsecured loan is very nominal . Anyone looking for huge Loan amount can opt for Loan Against Property. Loan Against Property can be offered for longer tenure as compared to other loans. For Loan Against Property you need to have a commercial or residential property. Banks and NBFC’s consider the market value of the property in accordance with your financials. If you are in urgent need of funds to meet your business requirement you can mortgage your property with bank or nbfc’s

We professional at Karma Fin puts our best effort to give you a complete personalized solution. We take the pain of coordinating with various Banks and NBFC’s for you to give the best offer and service available in Loan Against Property. We understand your financials your requirements and accordingly we guide you to give the best deal. We give you door step service for your convenience so that you can save your time.

Any working individual who is salaried or self employed or any entity who is capable of paying EMI can avail a Loan Against Property. Whoever is in need of urgent money to meet their financial requirements either personal or business purpose Loan Against Property is the best option. In this you can look out for big loan amount as compared to Personal Loan

Loan Against Property generally is available for 1year to 15 years.

It mainly depends on your financial profile, credit reputation, and your loan repayment ability. Lenders evaluate these factors to consider what the amount of a Loan Against Property should be.

EMI or Equated Monthly Installments is a combination of Interest and Principal you will be paying to the bank every month.

Closing loan prematurely is called full closer of the loan. This is very much possible in Loan Against Property once the lock in period of the loan is over. This exit clause is always mentioned in the Loan Agreement signed with the bank.

In Loan Against Property the sanction letter is valid for 1 month to3 months varies from bank to bank.

Any residential of commercial property which you wish to mortgage with the bank which is technically and legally clear can be provided for Loan against Property.

Yes, property has to be insured in case of Loan Against Property.

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